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pj::AudioMediaPlayerInfo Struct Reference

#include <media.hpp>

Data Fields

pjmedia_format_id formatId
unsigned payloadBitsPerSample
pj_uint32_t sizeBytes
pj_uint32_t sizeSamples

Detailed Description

This structure contains additional info about AudioMediaPlayer.

Field Documentation

◆ formatId

pjmedia_format_id pj::AudioMediaPlayerInfo::formatId

Format ID of the payload.

◆ payloadBitsPerSample

unsigned pj::AudioMediaPlayerInfo::payloadBitsPerSample

The number of bits per sample of the file payload. For example, the value is 16 for PCM WAV and 8 for Alaw/Ulas WAV files.

◆ sizeBytes

pj_uint32_t pj::AudioMediaPlayerInfo::sizeBytes

The WAV payload size in bytes.

◆ sizeSamples

pj_uint32_t pj::AudioMediaPlayerInfo::sizeSamples

The WAV payload size in samples.

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