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#include <sip_util.h>

Data Fields

pj_sockaddr addr
int addr_len
pjsip_host_info dst_host

Detailed Description

This structure describes destination information to send response. It is initialized by calling pjsip_get_response_addr().

If the response message should be sent using transport from which the request was received, then transport, addr, and addr_len fields are initialized.

The dst_host field is also initialized. It should be used when server fails to send the response using the transport from which the request was received, or when the transport is NULL, which means server must send the response to this address (this situation occurs when maddr parameter is set, or when rport param is not set in the request).

Field Documentation

◆ transport

pjsip_transport* pjsip_response_addr::transport

Immediate transport to be used.

◆ addr

pj_sockaddr pjsip_response_addr::addr

Immediate address to send to.

◆ addr_len

int pjsip_response_addr::addr_len

Address length.

◆ dst_host

pjsip_host_info pjsip_response_addr::dst_host

Destination host to contact.

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