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pjsip_tcp_transport_cfg Struct Reference

#include <sip_transport_tcp.h>

Data Fields

int af
pj_sockaddr bind_addr
pj_bool_t reuse_addr
pjsip_host_port addr_name
unsigned async_cnt
pj_qos_type qos_type
pj_qos_params qos_params
pj_sockopt_params sockopt_params
unsigned initial_timeout

Detailed Description

Settings to be specified when creating the TCP transport. Application should initialize this structure with its default values by calling pjsip_tcp_transport_cfg_default().

Field Documentation

◆ af

int pjsip_tcp_transport_cfg::af

Address family to use. Valid values are pj_AF_INET() and pj_AF_INET6(). Default is pj_AF_INET().

◆ bind_addr

pj_sockaddr pjsip_tcp_transport_cfg::bind_addr

Optional address to bind the socket to. Default is to bind to PJ_INADDR_ANY and to any available port.

◆ reuse_addr

pj_bool_t pjsip_tcp_transport_cfg::reuse_addr

Should SO_REUSEADDR be used for the listener socket. Default value is PJSIP_TCP_TRANSPORT_REUSEADDR.

◆ addr_name

pjsip_host_port pjsip_tcp_transport_cfg::addr_name

Optional published address, which is the address to be advertised as the address of this SIP transport. By default the bound address will be used as the published address.

◆ async_cnt

unsigned pjsip_tcp_transport_cfg::async_cnt

Number of simultaneous asynchronous accept() operations to be supported. It is recommended that the number here corresponds to the number of processors in the system (or the number of SIP worker threads).

Default: 1

◆ qos_type

pj_qos_type pjsip_tcp_transport_cfg::qos_type

QoS traffic type to be set on this transport. When application wants to apply QoS tagging to the transport, it's preferable to set this field rather than qos_param fields since this is more portable.

Default is QoS not set.

◆ qos_params

pj_qos_params pjsip_tcp_transport_cfg::qos_params

Set the low level QoS parameters to the transport. This is a lower level operation than setting the qos_type field and may not be supported on all platforms.

Default is QoS not set.

◆ sockopt_params

pj_sockopt_params pjsip_tcp_transport_cfg::sockopt_params

Specify options to be set on the transport.

By default there is no options.

◆ initial_timeout

unsigned pjsip_tcp_transport_cfg::initial_timeout

Intial timeout interval to be applied to incoming transports (i.e. server side) when no data received after a successful connection.


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