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pjsip_tp_dropped_data Struct Reference

#include <sip_transport.h>

Data Fields

void * data
pj_size_t len
pj_status_t status

Detailed Description

Structure of dropped received data.

Field Documentation

◆ tp

pjsip_transport* pjsip_tp_dropped_data::tp

The transport receiving the data.

◆ data

void* pjsip_tp_dropped_data::data

The data.

◆ len

pj_size_t pjsip_tp_dropped_data::len

The data length. If the status field below indicates an invalid SIP message (PJSIP_EINVALIDMSG) and application detects a SIP message at position p, it can pass the data back to PJSIP to be processed by setting the len to p. This can be useful for apps which wishes to use the same transport for SIP signalling and non-SIP purposes (such as SIP outbound using STUN message).

◆ status

pj_status_t pjsip_tp_dropped_data::status

The status or reason of drop. For example, a leading newlines (common keep-alive packet) will be dropped with status PJ_EIGNORED, an invalid SIP message will have status PJSIP_EINVALIDMSG, a SIP message overflow will have status PJSIP_ERXOVERFLOW.

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