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pjsip_tpmgr_fla2_param Struct Reference

#include <sip_transport.h>

Data Fields

pjsip_transport_type_e tp_type
const pjsip_tpselectortp_sel
pj_str_t dst_host
pj_bool_t local_if
pj_str_t ret_addr
pj_uint16_t ret_port
const void * ret_tp

Detailed Description

Parameter for pjsip_tpmgr_find_local_addr2() function.

Field Documentation

◆ tp_type

pjsip_transport_type_e pjsip_tpmgr_fla2_param::tp_type

Specify transport type to use. This must be set.

◆ tp_sel

const pjsip_tpselector* pjsip_tpmgr_fla2_param::tp_sel

Optional pointer to preferred transport, if any.

◆ dst_host

pj_str_t pjsip_tpmgr_fla2_param::dst_host

Destination host, if known. The destination host is needed if local_if field below is set.

◆ local_if

pj_bool_t pjsip_tpmgr_fla2_param::local_if

Specify if the function should return which local interface to use for the specified destination in dst_host. By definition, the returned address will always be local interface address.

◆ ret_addr

pj_str_t pjsip_tpmgr_fla2_param::ret_addr

The returned address.

◆ ret_port

pj_uint16_t pjsip_tpmgr_fla2_param::ret_port

The returned port.

◆ ret_tp

const void* pjsip_tpmgr_fla2_param::ret_tp

Returned pointer to the transport. Only set if local_if is set.

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