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File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
 amr_helper.hCommon tables and helper functions for AMR codec (NB & WB)
 audiotest.hAudio test utility
 avi.hAVI file manipulation
 avi_dev.hAVI player virtual device
 avi_stream.hAVI file player
 bcg729.hBCG729 codec
 bidirectional.hBidirectional media port
 circbuf.hCircular Buffer
 clock.hMedia clock
 codec.hCodec framework
 conference.hConference bridge
 config.hContains some compile time constants
 converter.hFormat conversion utilities
 delaybuf.hDelay Buffer
 echo.hEcho Cancellation API
 echo_port.hAEC (Accoustic Echo Cancellation) media port
 endpoint.hMedia endpoint
 event.hEvent framework
 format.hMedia format
 g711.hG711 Codec
 g722.hG.722 codec
 g7221.hG722.1 codec
 g7221_sdp_match.hSpecial SDP format match for AMR-NB and AMR-WB
 gsm.hGSM 06.10 codec
 h263_packetizer.hPacketizes/unpacketizes H.263 bitstream into RTP payload
 h264_packetizer.hPacketizes H.264 bitstream into RTP payload and vice versa
 ilbc.hILBC codec
 ipp_codecs.hIPP codecs wrapper
 jbuf.hAdaptive jitter buffer implementation
 master_port.hMaster port
 mem_port.hMemory based media playback/capture port
 null_port.hNull media port
 openh264.hOpen H.264 codec
 opus.hOpus codec
 passthrough.hPassthrough codecs
 pjmedia-codec.hInclude all codecs API in PJMEDIA-CODEC
 pjmedia.hPJMEDIA main header file
 pjmedia_audiodev.hPJMEDIA main header file
 pjmedia_videodev.hPJMEDIA main header file
 plc.hPacket Lost Concealment (PLC) API
 port.hPort interface declaration
 resample.hSample rate converter
 rtcp.hRTCP implementation
 rtcp_fb.hRTCP Feedback implementation
 rtcp_xr.hRTCP XR implementation
 rtp.hRTP packet and RTP session declarations
 sdp.hSDP header file
 sdp_neg.hSDP negotiator header file
 session.hMedia Session
 signatures.hStandard PJMEDIA object signatures
 silencedet.hAdaptive silence detector
 silk.hSILK codec
 sound.hLegacy sound device API
 sound_port.hMedia port connection abstraction to sound device
 speex.hSpeex codec header
 splitcomb.hMedia channel splitter/combiner port
 stereo.hMonochannel and multichannel converter
 stream.hMedia Stream
 stream_common.hStream common functions
 symbian_sound_aps.hSound device wrapper using Audio Proxy Server on Symbian S60 3rd edition
 tonegen.hTone (sine, MF, DTMF) generator media port
 transport.hTransport interface
 transport_adapter_sample.hSample Media Transport Adapter
 transport_ice.hICE capable media transport
 transport_loop.hLoopback transport
 transport_srtp.hSecure RTP (SRTP) transport
 transport_udp.hStream transport with UDP
 types.hBasic PJMEDIA types
 vid_codec.hVideo codec framework
 vid_codec_util.hVideo codec utilities
 vid_stream.hVideo Stream
 vid_tee.hVideo tee (source duplicator)
 vid_toolbox.hVideo Toolbox codec
 wav_playlist.hWAV file playlist
 wav_port.hWAV file player and writer
 wave.hWAVE file manipulation
 wsola.hWaveform Similarity Based Overlap-Add (WSOLA)


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